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I’ve mentioned more than once that I am sticking with Blogger because it’s where I first got my feet wet and a large majority of people in the Blogosphere told me Wordpress.com is better! Therefore, I chose to rebel. Just because it works for you and is your preference doesn’t mean I should switch. The more problems and issues I had with Blogspot, the more I was encouraged to abandon it. Nope, I stayed the course just to defy others.

So why am I leaving now?

Seriously speaking, I have goals and if you stick with me, you’ll be able to say you watched and cheered me on as I achieved them. Here are some of the benefits of the new site.

Easily Remembered Domain (for my mom and the rest of them)

Stereotyped no more (in this way at least)

Professionalism (feel like I’m growing up)

Better Analytics (I don’t really know what this means yet)

Better Branding (or this, luckily it's self explanatory)

Full Blown Website (can promote and sell my children’s books – yeah!) (beware)

More Respect (so I’ve been told….now give it to me!)

So please tell your friends, send them the link – I will need some tips, tutorials, and lots of advice! For starters, how in the world do I fix that kink in the “Subscribe to”…..I have a personal guru but he is extremely busy and I don't want to drive him any crazier than he already is.

But you know how it is when you just move into a new place, I still have a lot of unpacking and rearranging to do. I'm opening the door to you because I am getting a writing fever and I want you to not miss out on JUST KISSIE! It’s just me and what I do, say, and write and only what I do, say, and write. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

Thanks for the continued support!

(Since writing this post, I've started an even newer site.)